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barbara morgenstern-beide 10 (monika)

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barbara morgenstern: beide

Barbara Morgenstern follows her 2012 English-language album Sweet Silence with Doppelstern (Double Star), featuring 13 collaborations, each created in a different studio. This pre-album EP includes "Übermorgen (Extended)," which features a vocal duet with Justus Köhncke, who first suggested the double star concept to Morgenstern; Robert Lippok, with whom Morgenstern has crossed paths on numerous occasions, appears on the electronic instrumental "Scrambler (Extended)"; "Gleich ist gleicher als gleich" took shape in the studio of Lucrecia Dalt; and the intense, kraut-oriented "Kein Weg" was created in the studio of Schneider TM. Mixed by T.Raumschmiere.

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