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barbir & nicola kazimir-gentrified underground youth 2lp (les points)

Price: $24.99


barbir/nicola kazimir: gentrified underground youth

Barbir and Nicola Kazimir present Gentrified Underground Youth: "We eroded pre-existent structures constructing an open heterotopic space, a horizontal and vertical thinking found its way through physical- and cyberspace, Here, nothing manifested instantly - flippancy left space for any kind of interaction and appropriation. Within (or well beyond) economic pressure points which diluted production, this was our opportunity to try out different potentials with no restrictions to the public, while simultaneously scrutinizing the general framework of institutions and human behaviors. Subversive potential always was variable, always asking, deconstructing, and reconfiguring itself, allowing new states of aggregation within diffuse interspaces and futures."

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