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barnett/ortmann-seasonal attrition cs (centre)

Price: $7.00


barnett/ortmann: seasonal attrition

Seasonal Attrition” marks the first collaborative release of Andy Ortmann and Alex Barnett under their surnames. However, these musicians have a history which includes some overlapping with their various projects. Ortmann, a long-time Chicago Experimental music fixture, earned that title largely due to his work as Panicsville. Barnett has more recently been introduced to listeners through his solo work and Barnett + Coloccia project. With such immense experience in far-out electronics and an equipment list too long to mention, this release explores many different zones to a dizzying and far out effect. “Seasonal Attrition” teems with free and abstract synthesis, psychedelic drones with a strange murky left-field exotica vibe. ltd 100.

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