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beatrice dillon-can i change my mind? 12 (bookmat editions)

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beatrice dillon: can i change my mind?

uk artist Beatrice Dillon blesses the 12 x 12 series with the concatenated sidewinder Can I Change My Mind?, finding the square roots of jungle, techno, noise and minimalist dance music firmly anchored in steppers dub and West African percussive tradition. Beatrice's solo works, and collaborations with Rupert Clervaux, define a curious juncture of worldly rhythm studies and probing electronics which exists in a long lineage of avant-garde experimentation. Beatrice synchs swollen, globular bass, needlepoint hi-hats into a mutating bogle which Dillon explores at almost every interstice of half, double, and triplet-timed calculation with devilish sleight of hand and cadence.

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