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bee mask-canzoni dal laboratorio del silenzio cosmico lp (spectrum spools)

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bee mask: canzoni dal laboratorio del silenzio cosmico

Edition of 500. In the nu-world order of neo-kosmiche "one man, a synth and a looper pedal" musicians, Chris Madak rises above the rest with an astounding body of work that has been brewing since the later half of the '00s. Canzoni Dal Laboratorio Del Silenzio Cosmico is an outstanding document in the long, complex, and complicated discography that is the Bee Mask project. A carefully and meticulously-composed album that's on par with the greats of electronic's Lovely Music or INA-GRM catalogs. Straying from the current nature of improvised "one take" synthesizer music flooding the underground electronic community today, Chris has created an elaborate narrative which captivates and inspires the listener's imagination. "Canzoni" is a piece of work that soundtracks an event that's shrouded in mystery and beauty, at once larger than life in its grandeur and yet somewhat cryptic. Released as a limited edition cassette on Gift Tapes in 2010 and now where it should be on the longest surviving recorded format. Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, January 2011.

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