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belle & sebastian-the third eye centre deluxe 2lp (matador)

Price: $34.99


belle & sebastian: the third eye centre

Third Eye Centre, like its predecessor Push Barman To Open Old Wounds, collects fan- favorite b-sides from cherished albums and also serves as a documentary of a decade - in this case, Belle And Sebastian’s second coming. From the remixes of “I’m A Cuckoo” and “Your Cover’s Blown” to soon-to-be-classics: Blue Eyes Of A Millionaire” and “Last Trip”, this collection traces the band’s growing interest in and mastery of classic rock, glam, disco and pop, all anchored by Stuart Murdoch’s forever-intimate lyricism. Third Eye Centre’s collection of b-sides, collectibles & non-LP tracks is an indispensable entry into any Belle and Sebastian fan’s stacks and an essential preview of what the future. ltd edition deluxe hardbound packaging w/ tipped-on jacket

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