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ben nash-the mineral victim lp (blackest rainbow)

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ben nash: the mineral victim

After a period of silence from Ben, he returned earlier this year with Oh Lordy Me (My Heart Is Wandering Again) for Blackest Rainbow, a record which saw him drop his guitar and create an entire LP using an iPad with the Tenori-on app. Perhaps an unexpected turn, but then this year has been a pretty interesting one for Ben, returning to playing live after a long hiatus, surprising people by playing live in Sheffield and London for separate sets with Mehdi and Solange from Natural Snow Buildings as a trio, and following that he has continued to record new material for a forthcoming new project with the french duo. The Mineral Victim, seems in many ways like a return to the more organic sound of Ben's previous work, it's not got the psych folk guitar sound of his debut The Seventh Goodbye LP, but it retains the more psychedelic drone aspects that some of the tracks had on that record. In many ways it pulls in aspects of all of Ben's work, from his early more cosmic drone experiments and psychedelic excursions, to his recent collaborations with Ameziane and Gularte, which will hopefully see the light of day next year... Vinyl edition of only 250 copies pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Sleeve designed by Rob Lye of Chora. Includes download.

The Mineral Victim by Ben Nash

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