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ben vida-extraction lp (future audio graphics)

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ben vida: extraction

Future Audio Graphics is pleased to announce Extraction, the latest from composer and sound artist Ben Vida (PAN, Amish, Shelter Press, et al). Extraction (FAG 001) is a collaboration between Vida, visual artist Meredyth Sparks, and curator/writer Anthony Elms and is the first in a series of collaborative releases for Future Audio Graphics. Continuing Vida's explorations of digital and analog processing systems, Extraction gives particular focus to aural phenomena -- engaging electronic, non-representational sounds that appear to cut, move and oscillate on both vertical and horizontal planes. Building on his past work, Vida's two, side-long contributions to Extraction include, among other things, a series of what appears to be infinitely long, sweeping tones staggered between short, halting breaks. The audio parallels an artistic practice and method that visual artist Meredyth Sparks has developed over the last five years in her own studio and practice. Full-color gatefold LP, limited to 350 copies. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

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