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benedikt frey-reframe 12 (live at robert johnson)

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benedikt frey: reframe

"Dear madam, dear sir: Reframe by Benedikt Frey. 'SH Birds' opens the record with waves of hypnotizing synth-sounds, a weird vocal-sample, and an analog-driven beat. 'Signals' has a terribly wonderful build-up, and only uses carefully chosen soundscapes. 'Mind The Gap' takes the opposite direction, with a striking bassline throughout the track and a clap as hard as a smack to the head. 'Good Night Houston' features an analog outburst of old Chicago-ish acid-vibes before losing itself in a haze of deepness. Ramona is proud to present you this piece of strange and exotic fruit -- let's relish together. Farewell, Ramona"

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