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benjamin damage-algorithm ep (figure)

Price: $15.99


benjamin damage: algorithm

Benjamin Damage reports back for a fresh slice of his singular strain of modern-day techno. "Alpha Centauri" institutes the record atmospherically, setting up the scenery of ethereal winds, prowling basses, and muscular drums. Picking up the pace, "Circle Machine" is a busy tune, rigidly rattling towards an array of tripped-out synths, yet captivating with their off-key harmonics. Heavier but equally distinctive, "Damage" opens the B-side with his skillful blend of assaulting, rough-edged machine sounds, and soothing, celestial ambiance. He then twists around again, cleverly seeing his listeners out with a surprisingly lively arrangement of sneaky synth squelches, making for a well-rounded as accomplished EP-package.

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