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benny rodrigues-master french 12 (voyage direct)

Price: $13.99


benny rodrigues: master french

Strong one on Voyage Direct from Rotterdam's Benny Rodrigues. Here are two undulating, hypnotic, heads-down tracks that blur the boundaries between house and techno. Rhythmically loose but impressively tough -- like all of Rodrigues' best productions -- both cuts are built around mesmerizing late-night grooves and intoxicating chords. "Master French" kicks things off, lacing nagging shakers, subtle synth strings and fluttering chords over a robust, shuffling tech-house groove. Rodrigues works the mix like a master, bringing elements to the fore before sliding them into the background. "Z" is an altogether breezier affair, with repetitive, new age-inspired synthesizer melodies seemingly drifting over a rock-solid house groove.

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