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beroshima-polyphonication cd (mueller)

Price: $16.99


This is the fourth full-length album from Frank Mueller and Ulrich Schnauss aka Beroshima. Since 2004, the duo has put their focus on their solo projects. Schnauss earned worldwide respect for his electronica works while Frank joined different projects as a producer and put his focus on his live performance and DJ works. Frank and Ulrich started to work together again as Beroshima for some upcoming releases. Following a string of EPs and remixes, the fourth Beroshima album was long overdue. It continues to explore the stylistic frame defined by their successful releases on Cocoon, Soma and Mueller Records and yet manages to surpass the expectations set by these skillfully-crafted productions. Beroshima defy genre boundaries and incorporate a wide range of sonic colors out of a studio filled with current and vintage equipment while also drawing from long-term experience on the live and DJ circuit. Ten tracks that deliver state-of-the-art dance music with more than just a touch of funk which never loses the spirit of exploration.

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