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beroshima-real 2 reel cd (circle music)

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beroshima: real 2 reel

There's no need to say thousands of words about Beroshima: Ulrich Schnauss earned worldwide respect for his electronic works while Frank Muller joined different projects as a producer and put his focus on his live performance and DJ works. In 2013 we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Beroshima project, produced by main-main Muller. In the '90s he was one of the main protagonists in Germany's electronic scene and even today his drive is enormous. Thus, the fifth album Real to Reel is now ready to rumble. The title track is the perfect opener, with many strings and a lot of hard beats -- just as you've come to know from Beroshima. "A New Citizen" comes along quite deep, yet tidy pressure builds up to high speed, "Detroit Tragedy" is a tribute to the sound of America. "Hexaline" is almost a trance track and "Unter Den Linden" has a very unique quality as well. The typical Beroshima sound is also at work in "I Was Waiting for You" in the form of plentiful beats and lots of effects, and "Leytonstep" plays with plenty of hypnotic sounds. "Books for Matthew" is a real treat of electronics and "Highway One" closes the album very nicely. Beroshima remains a top producer, who always discovers new ideas even after all these years, tries them out and excites everyone.

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