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beta librae-sanguine bond 2lp (incienso)

Price: $21.99


beta librae: sanguine bond

Beta Librae is Bailey Hoffman, a producer from Kansas City, living in New York City, who co-operates the extremely vital Technofeminism residency with Umfang at Bossa Nova Civic Club, and has previously released tapes on 1080p and Lillerne Tape Club, as well as a single on Physical Therapy’s Allergy Season. Incienso is extremely hyped to release “Sanguine Bond”, the debut LP from Beta Librae. An extremely singular ambi-tech-no-house album, encompassing all the deepest vibes of the rave - warm and fuzzy afterglow dub mixes, emo-ambient ‘ludes, yogic, tribal downtempo vibes and all, mixed with love by the one and only!

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