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big blood-radio valkyrie+1905+1917+ 2lp (feeding tube)

Price: $23.99


big blood: radio valkyrie+1905+1917+

This is only the second proper full-length LP by this Portland Maine-based duo, although there are vast arrays of CD-Rs and split releases littering their wake. After spending time with both the cosmically-shifting Cerberus Shoals and the folkily psychedelic Fire On Fire, Caleb Mukerin and Colleen Kinsella decided to opt for something more personal and hermetic. Thus, we have Big Blood. The band's multi-phasic discography has thus far reminded people of everything from the Pärson Sound to Opal to Portishead at different moments, yet none of these thumbnails comes close to capturing the elegant mystery of their essence. Sometimes electric guitar lines weevil hauntingly in the aether while acoustics strum quietly up front. At other points, muted chimes of freedom push against vocals and cloppety rhythms that recall White Noise's "Making Love Without Sound." Still others vibe early Comus or The Third Ear Band. In all, the scent of smoke hangs as heavy over this record as any we've heard. And friend, we've heard a few. Edition of 500; includes download code.

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