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big neck police-don't eat my friends lp (feeding tube)

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big neck police: don't eat my friends

"Second vinyl LP by this Brooklyn/Philadelphia trio, with guitarist Paco Cathcart (The Cradle, Sweet Baby Jesus, Shimmer) who has long worked in the studio with Palberta. The other players are Mac Kelly (Suspekt) and Hugo Stanley (Palm). Together they constitute a bizzaro world power trio, whose sound swings between the tenseness of math-rock and the aggressive slackness of bedroom experimentalism. Some of what they do reminds us of Fat Worm of Error at their most hardy, but that's just a part of the whole. What Big Neck Police create is almost a collage of textures as much as a suite of songs. But then, I suppose you could say the same of Mars. Amps buzz, drums clonk, guitars make noises like squirrels and vocals weave through the air as though they were wearing stirrups. It's enough to make you yearn for the days when they still raced horses on the ghetto streets of Philly. This is the sound of young gentlemen in a panic. Enjoy it at your leisure." -- Byron Coley, 2016. Edition of 300.

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