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bird nest roys-me want me get me need me have me love 2lp (flying nun)

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bird nest roys: me want me get me need me have me love

Bird Nest Roys were a six piece guitar pop band formed in Auckland, New Zealand in the mid 1980’s. Despite a large geographical distance between their home suburb Grey Lynn and the depths of the south Dunedin, Bird Nest Roys were associated with the ‘Dunedin Sound’ wave of bands that kick started Flying Nun Records. It is Bird Nest Roys knack for off-kilter Kiwi pop and quite literal layered guitars (out of the six person line up, four were holding guitars) that assured the band’s popularity in New Zealand. In their short existence of four years, the band produced an EP, full length LP, and a single 7’’, as well as the platform for members to later become pivotal members of The 3D’s and Snapper. Presented in a 2LP Euro Sleeve with previously unseen posters, photo's and emphera.

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