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birds of prey-s/t lp (kathexis)

Price: $23.99


birds of prey: s/t

Birds of Prey is an ever-evolving process of chaos, immediacy, and necessity. Like an organism emerging from the sea to walk on land for the first time, there is no grand plan, and no going back. The story of the group's friendship in many ways mirrors their method. They were brought together by a shared fascination with the sublime potential of electricity to generate something unknown, and a mutual trust that a path would reveal itself as they move forward through the dark. Originally conceived and composed live in Brooklyn, Birds of Prey is a collaboration of live electronics by Grant Aaron, Eric Holmes, and Camille Altay. This is the third release on Ricardo Donoso's Kathexis label. Limited to 300 copies; initial copies on white vinyl. Includes download code.

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