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bjorn torske-trobbel cd (smalltown supersound)

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bjorn torske: trobbel

Smalltown Supersound is proud to announce that it is re-issuing the Holy Grail of Norwegian dance music, the first two albums by reclusive cult innovator from beyond the Arctic Circle Bjorn Torske (1997's Nedi Myra and 2001's Trobbel). Together with the late Tore "Erot" Kroknes, Bjorn laid the foundation for the disco scene in Norway that gave birth to Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, Andre Bratten and Todd Terje. Inspired by DJ Harvey, Ron Hardy and Idjut Boys, Bjorn Torske and Erot brough underground disco and house/techno (Chicago/Detroit style) to the country, developing their very own style of tripped out dubby disco with their characteristic weird, humorous and psychedelic twists along the way. With Torske as with many auteurs, he hasn't always got the attention and credit he deserved. He is known for being reclusive, and an outsider, making music on his own terms and not playing by the rules of the record business. All of which has made him the musician's musician. Get to know the production genius of Norwegian disco's original Wilderness man! "'Nedi Myra' was one of the first house albums I bought, or at least that's what I THOUGHT it was. Weird futuro-bossa and foggy disco-not-really-disco was more like it. And for years I actually thought that was Bjorn on the cover, and that he lived out in the woods with his guitar... tsk tsk." - Todd Terje

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