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black dog-tranklements cd (dust science)

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black dog: tranklements

the black dog are legends. words are not necessary but in case you need a few: press release: The Black Dog have been gathering their thoughts, passions, and anger, reflecting it into their music, sometimes as part of a larger picture or concept, sometimes just focusing on one subject. Tranklements is such a great Sheffield word, it means "a collection of objects, often precious to the owner." Everyone has a collection of tranklements somewhere. Tranklements is a body of work created as 16 unique and individual tracks. Each one is its own little object, something created to externalize, explain and express the world the band find themselves in. It encompasses many thoughts, emotions and desires and there is an individual story and internal message behind each. They've all been discussed and fought for. However, The Black Dog don't really want to explain them -- they don't expect those personal rationales to translate to others. They would rather you gaze upon the objects yourself and come to your own conclusions. Nobody likes to be told what to think. In many ways, their work with the Electronic Supper Club project has helped them to reconnect with many things and each other. The creative talent and desires of the younger generation have never gone away. The real underground is still as vibrant as ever, not lost to false values, over-sized egos and ladder-climbing brands. The Black Dog have always respected that energy and individuality that exists beyond the bland compliant mainstream. The truth is, they have always felt like the awkward outsiders.

The Black Dog - Tranklements

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