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blacworld-subduing demons in south yorkshire pt 2 cd (intone)

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blackworld: subduing demons in south yorkshire pt 2

ltd restock. Recorded in the summer of 2000 by prolific UK electronic musician/producer Richard H. Kirk, this is basically a long, open-ended track, mixed live in Western Works Studios, Sheffield, UK, which utilizes as extra sound sources, urban birdsong, the sound of scaffolding being erected, a gang of builders singing "we're all going on a summer holiday" and a loud-mouthed neighbor. Subject to much processing and sonic manipulation, this piece of soundscape/Satanic dub has been used on two occasions as the soundtrack to Kirk's video installations. Clocking in as a single track at a staggering 53 minutes 52 seconds, IDs have been added at relevant points throughout to enable the listener to easily access into the body of the track should they so desire. Due to the hypnotic nature of the soundscapes, it is a genre-defying composition that soon draws in the listener to terrifying effect, creating the impression of being stuck in a nightmare that you can't escape from.

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