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blasted-aelien i 12 (aelien)

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blasted: aelien i

Italian artist Blasted is ready to spread his stunning music with an intense four-track EP, Aelien I. The industrial architecture of this project defines the lines of his modern techno concept. Blasted welcomes two remixes from the acclaimed, Berlin-based producers Unhuman and Blush Response. The EP goes straight to its revelation; neurotic patterns which bump into a dark misanthropy, an experimental sound that becomes more and more cryptic. The second track is a powerful remix by Blush Response and it is the result of a metallic explosion due to a mental calculation of dusty beats and low basses. Unhuman’s remix closes the EP; dark forces make it clear about the distorsion and intensity of Aelien I’s noise, techno rhythm. Welcome to a unique variation of massive techno sphere.

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