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blazej malinowski-mort ep (technosoul)

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blazej malinowski: mort

Technosoul .03 comes from Blazej Malinowski, who has previously released on Swedish Phorma and Canadian Silent Season amongst others. “Mika” and “Open Closed Open” might serve as Blazej's sound signature – deeply rooted, hypnotic techno with a trance edge, which works both on the dancefloor and in comfort of one's home. Remix number one comes from the legendary British DJ and producer Steve Bicknell, whose take on “Mika” is raw and very dense at once – it serves as the most brutal piece of music on the release. Remix number two comes from “the mad Ukrainian” Stanislav Tolkachev, whose vision strikes as a real surprise. Instead of his usual beats stampede, he has provided the record with a beautiful, ethereal offbeat techno: this won't probably work as a peak time monster, but with a proper audience, it will have a mesmerizing effect!

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