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blood sport-axe to the root lp+cd (blast first petite)

Price: $24.99


blood sport: axe to the root

Blood Sport: trio. Keegan, Parkin, and Potter. Drums, electronics, electric chordophone, baritone guitar, voice. Premiere ambassadors of Sheffield, England's aggro-beat sound. Audio propaganda from the UK's "first city of sanctuary." Mongrel soundclash pups of hi-NRG 'tronics and Afro-beat. Musical wing of northern underground party agitators Hybrid Vigour. Brothers-in-arms to tie-dye tapes and the audacious art experiment. Shoeless dancers. "A glorious fusion of opposing forces. . . . you never quite know if they're here to start the party or to destroy it" --Loud and Quiet. Includes a bonus mix CD with tracks by AMRL, Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri, Tal National, Tshetsha Boys, Hieroglyphic Being, and Modular Pursuits remixed by Daphni; alternate mixes of album tracks; and remixes of album tracks by Richard H Kirk.

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