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blood stereo/hair & treasure-split lp (discrepant)

Price: $24.99


blood stereo/hair & treasure: split

first split LP in a brand new series of collaborations, pairing artists working on the fringes - or not at all. This first split pairs Brighton's Blood Stereo's tape gonk with Hair & Treasure's farm life loops. Blood Stereo are Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance, a British institution, the sound complete immersion for people who don't immerse easily. Idiot twins Burchill and Slim may behave as though they own Sussex, but Constance and Nyoukis are immune to their surroundings, making livid eyes at confused glitter vixens up and down this squalid Isle. Hair & Treasure are Alex Jones and Gonçalo F Cardoso, a prankster randy dust duo from nowhere dwelling on tape loops and webbed finger piano ballads. The material was culled from a mound of who cares electro-acoustic improv sessions as an offering to the associated deities of the zwieback buttermilk trade.

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