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bobby browser-just browsing 12 (100% silk)

Price: $13.99


bobby browser: just browsing

"Bay Area bruiser Andre Ferreira aka Bobby Browser makes PeopleMover music: taking his sweet time to glide. Side A 'Bass-ic' backdrops are ever-changing: wade through winds on the night yacht, dewy fields for the drumline, front row Fashion Week, whirl-a-girl-globe-twirl. Side B 'Glist-opher's' guest vocals by Mara Barrenbaum give the EP that art-echo-deco, opulent opera, Blessed House happy-hedonist feel. Rollin' Roland silly strings play cucumber-cool Q and A with bubbly-bath acid stabs. It's sunny techno, rat-a-tat trance, Tom Bomb Club Dub, woodwind hopscotch, Rob Rouser five-star quality. For your Uplift Mo' Blow Party Plan. Just browsing? Just buying

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