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body boys-no face lp (opal tapes)

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body boys: no face

The first release from the Body Boys since 2013's Growth Window (though they've been on a remix streak in 2014) sees the lads move their soft-skinned ambience into rhythm-focused territory. It's no total rewrite, but the palette seems more akin to the elegant stance of Dial, Latency, or Delsin's softer moments -- billowy, romantic, occasionally haunted texture enveloping low-end-centered drums. Tracks like "First Time" and "Nosebleed" come hotter and heavier, more over-driven and rampantly techno-focused, while "Alone," "Yunnan," and "Stutter" balance rhythm with billowy, highly evocative, soft texture, teasing out a solemnity and introspective beauty to massage the body as well as the soul.

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