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borden/ferraro/godin/halo/lopatin-frkwys vol 7 cd (rvng intl)

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FRKWYS Vol. 7 features pieces improvised in various forms by David Borden, James Ferraro, Samuel Godin, Laurel Halo, and Daniel Lopatin. When Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never, Ford & Lopatin) and RVNG Intl. began discussing this FRKWYS collaboration, Borden's work in Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. and his seminal Music For Amplified Keyboard Instruments album were mutually ecstatically acknowledged. While rooted in academia, Borden's minimalist compositions deal in natural themes, evoking expansive environments. The idea to grow the project to include additional collaborators was inspired both by Borden's accomplishments in ensemble improvisation levity. Atlantic Sound Studio in DUMBO, Brooklyn became the meeting destination for Lopatin and and by a basic desire for collective energy and Borden, alongside musicians Halo, Godin, and Ferraro. The cosmically dense but dynamic nature of the recording reveals the diverse ingredients seasoning the spatial stew. 'People of Wind' Parts 1 and 2 were amongst first takes from the two-day session. The pieces exhibit the ensemble in early harmony, allowing each other textural counterpoint play while avoiding rigidity. 'Internet Gospel' Parts 1 and 2 demonstrate the players at ease and taking turns at solo accompaniments, ending in a Fourth World freak out. 'Twilight Pacific' and 'Just a Little Pollution' are compiled from middle points of the session - structured statements in solidarity

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