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brian sanhaji-macromena 12 (droid)

Price: $10.99


brian sanhaji: macromena

On his first release for Droid Recordings, master sound technician Brian Sanhaji drops two hard, gritty tracks. A1, “Macronomena,” is an unmissable, surprising thrill. A filthy, grainy bass synth gets mangled by filters and LFO, pushed out of time, and forced back into a perfect, funky lock with the pummeling beat. Nearly five minutes in, the machine breaks down and falls apart, only to slam back into groove with new, jack-oriented elements. B2, “Synphone,” plays things straighter, manipulating the optimal gears and levers of the techno toolkit for an undeniable dance floor mover.

side a1:

side a2:

side b1:

side b2:

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