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british murder boys-don't give way to fear 12 (counterbalance)

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british murder boys: don't give way to fear

2018 repress. originally released in 2003. "The two untitled tracks on Don't Give Way To Fear showcase what Surgeon and Regis do best: build breakbeats that complicate and intensify a techno track's 4/4 momentum, without weighing or slowing it down. Hell, they fit more energy and incident into a 4-bar phrase than your average minimal-monkey manages in a career. The bolshy, brutal rhythm and sandpapery coarseness of the sound design around it is matched with a deft sense of spatial arrangement and emphasis -- not since the days of Mark Stewart + The Maffia have barely suppressed violence and and a trippy, dubwise sensibility worked so naturally and effectively together." --FACT, "The Essential... British Murder Boys"

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