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broken english club-scars ep (cititrax)

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broken english club: scars

Four-song EP by Broken English Club. After the strong reception of the Violence and Divinity split with Silent Servant as well as his solo EP for Jealous God, here Oliver Ho (also known for his Raudive alias) continues in a similar vein, delivering sparse vocals and shards of live instrumentation over heavy, stuttering beats and bleak synths. The tracks on this EP are rich and darkly atmospheric, pulsating loudly through a smog-filled dance floor. A subversive spin on dance music, the blank-stared, pin-point-focused electronics and layers of noise betray no/wave and post-punk influences, dragging together industrial experimentation and pitch-black techno. Artwork designed by Veronica Vasicka and sourced from the archives of Silent Servant, the Broken English Scars EP features a one-of-a-kind vinyl pressing of white inside clear -- limited to 999 copies and housed in a matte printed sleeve

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