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bruce langhorne-the hired hand lp (scissor tail editions)

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bruce langhorne: the hired hand

ltd restock. In 1969 Langhorne was asked by Peter Fonda to score his directorial debut. He decided to opt out of scoring the film in a projection room, instead chose to shoot the film onto a small black and white camera to take back to his home in Laurel Canyon. He would watch the film and play along to it as his girlfriend at the time would record him and play it back, allowing him to overdub Farfisa Organ, piano, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, recorder, and Appalachian dulcimer onto his Revox reel to reel. Bruce's 1920 Martin guitar is most prominent throughout the record. The Results were a uniquely wide and lonesome soundscape. The closest comparison might be Sandy Bull or possibly John Fahey, but nothing of its kind or even of it's time poses a close resemblance to Langhorne's minimal masterpiece displayed here on vinyl for the first time. Cover Photo by Bryan Ruhe. Back Cover design by Dylan Aycock.

The Hired Hand - Score by Bruce Langhorne (Album Preview)

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