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budgie-the budgie ep (wildheart)

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budgie: the budgie

Budgie. You know him, but you don't know him. I didn't. First he sold me records. Good suggestions. Then I needed new Kung Fu to finish what I started with Tony Allen: the Day Like This Project. During these tech lessons, it became clear his own output was amazing, and it would be stupid to merely work with him as an engineer. The challenge for Budgie at the time was 'completion' which coincidentally was my issue at the time as well. So just over a year ago our mutual friend Ruby who I also run Wildheart with made the challenge that we'd each fully finish two tracks in two weeks. I came a month late with one. He came back with three in a week!!! We said 4 more, and after the necessary birthing process we have the Budgie EP. No way to describe it with regular adjectives. Just listen. Budgie." - Theo Parrish, April 2014

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