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bull tongue review-#4 mag

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bull tongue review: #4

A Quarterly Journal of Post-Rock Cultural Pluralism, edited by Byron Coley. Issue no. 4. In this issue: Alex Behr: Junior High Reviews; Tosh Berman: Tom Phillips IRMA the Opera; Alan Bishop: Pink Floyd Animals: Trevor Block: Rowdy Roddy Piper; Karla Borecky: Antonin Artaud: Pour en finir avec le jugement de dieu; Bree: Kōbō Abe Woman of the Dunes; Benoit Chaput: Plume Latraverse; Sharon Cheslow: Stand-up Comedy; Byron Coley: Column; Karen Constance: Igor Wakhevitch Hathor; Nigel Cross: Jeff Cloves; Chris D: Humanity of Femme Fatales; Georganne Deen: Chinatown L.A. + Cathy Ward; Lili Dwight: Farscape; Erika Elizabeth: Mark Sten All Ages; Ray Farrell: Charles Bukowski; Andrea Feldman: Mix Tape Memories; Eddie Flowers: Review Column; Scott Foust: Jewel Robbery; Tom Givan: Matthew Stokoe; David Greenberger: Danny Kaye; Tom Greenwood: Quiet Music Festival; Mats Gustafsson: Sperm/Samsa Trio; Michael Layne Heath: Andrew Matheson Sick on You; Tim Hinely: George Foster's 1977 Season; Michael Hurley: Jackpine Jamboree; Lisa Marie Jarlborn: Bob Dylan 'Sad Eyed Lady'; Danielle Jelley-Rettman: Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market; Ira Kaplan: Steve Miller Band; Maria Kozic: Curing a Migraine with Two Movies; Matt Krefting: Ndegeocello/Sawyer/Krimsky Trio; Tom Lax: Review Column + reviews; Heather Leigh: Hot Gossip; Ted Lee: Illustrations; Donna Lethal: YouTube Reviews; Alan Licht: Peter Stampfel live; Owen Maercks: How I Listen; Marc Masters: Bromp Treb Stickless; Hisham Mayet: Tommy Jay Tall Tales of Trauma; Phil McMullen: The Amazing Picture You; Richard Meltzer: Better; Phil Milstein: Bull Tongue 1-3; Nick Mitchell: Nine Invisibles Pureheadspace; Thurston Moore: Column; Bill Nace: Farscape; Dylan Nyoukis: Red Brut Rebirth; Gary Panter: Funny Animals Portfolio; Brigid Pearson: Avocado; Charles Plymell: Deborah Davis The Trip; Tony Rettman: Rode Grey; Joanne Robertson: Sean Nicholas Savage Other Death; Bruce Russell: Second Hand Records; Suzy Rust: Book Signing for Thelma Blumberg + Woolaroc; Savage Pencil: Cameron Jamie; Andy Schwartz: Mark Ribowsky Dreams to Remember; John Sinclair: The Way You Look Tonight; Leah Singer: Gary Panter interview; Orchid Spangiafora: Allen Ravenstine Pharoah's Bee; Chris Stigliano: Mother #2 & 3; Brian Turner: Liimanarina + Ornerys; Gregg Turner: The Present; Tesco Vee: Collecting & the Voices Within; Valerie Webber: Your Ideal Love Mate; Tara Young: Mötley Crüe live.

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