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bvdub-serenity cd (darla)

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bvdub: serenity

Though bvdub’s work is always firmly entrenched in the realm of memory, Serenity, his newest full-length, sees him reaching further back through his history than ever before while still gazing far beyond the horizon. His most (and possibly only) overtly optimistic work, Serenity is a story of elation and freedom from times when music didn’t yet know derision and arrogance... when all it knew was beauty. This is the soundtrack to 7am, when only the true remained and nothing else mattered. While being more beat-driven than any bvdub album in the last five years, it is nevertheless still an ambient one. Its rhythms are memories of times past… when music simply told of peace we all hoped to find... and gentle reminders of the times that can still come, if we let them. There was a time when music only sought to take you to a better place. It wanted nothing more and asked for nothing in return. But we don’t have to only look to the past to find it again… it’s still the future – and always has been. 1. Unity 2. Beauty 3. Energy 4. Love 5. Strength 6. Serenity

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