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b.w.h.-all right / blackway (are you?) 12 (house of music)

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b.w.h.: all right / blackway (are you?)

These two tracks by B.W.H. (as many of you will know this is the acronym for Black Way & Helene) are original record productions House Of Music 1984, unreleased until April 2015. The song "All Right" is a little jewel, the music is pleasant to listen to, but it doesn't have the same strength as the previous legendary "Stop" and "Livin' Up". "Blackway, Are You?", the piece on the back of the vinyl. Is in any case one of the deepest Italo-Disco songs around, a beautiful combination of that basic synthesizer melody and those Aphex-y style pads take you to another place . This vinyl record is in loving memory of Vincenzo Balestrieri, ''Offshore Powerboat Racing World Champion'', 1968, 1970.

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