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camea-clinkology cd (clink)

Price: $16.99


Clink Recordings starts their new compilation series titled Clinkology. The first installation showcases label boss, Camea, releasing a unique studio mix of layered loops and edits that she has crafted exclusively from Clink's catalog, featuring her own music as well as tracks and remixes by Tim Xavier, Alexi Delano, Cesare vs. Disorder, Mikael Stavöstrand, Mark Henning and others. Compiling this collection of music into an extended ballad, Camea guides listeners on a groovy and psychotropic tour through the sounds of her imprint, opening a rare window into the mind of Clink's curator; who up until now has been a steady force in electronic music. This is Camea's first musical statement outside of singles and remixes, and she gives her perspective beautifully with an immersive collection of sounds. As expected by her following, she delicately rides an emotional and groovy edge between house and techno, allowing space for melodic and quirky elements; defining what she says is the foundation of "Clinkology." Other artists include: Dana Ruh, Oliver Dodd, Lu&nl, Insideout, Grinser, Dilo, Velvet and Tony Rohr.

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