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carl craig/jerome sydenham/lo hype-sun ark 12 (ibadan)

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carl craig/jerome sydenham/lo hype: sun ark

Ibadan Records, known for its persistent pursuit of dope jams, unleashes the Sun Ark EP. The A-side re-explores the original mind-bending Carl Craig classic "Angel." Jerome Sydenham contorts this gem with a depth-defying A-class re-edit. Following this, Sydenham's original production exemplifies the term "soulful tech-house." The B-side introduces the new Japanese duo Lo Hype, consisting of Ibadan recording artist Katsuya Sano and new compadre Shin Sasama. Their combined efforts defy terms like electronica or techno. "Route 303" has the 303 written all over it, coupled with analog basses and classic synths, all enveloped in 118 bpm heaven.

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