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carl hultgren-tomorrow 2lp (blue flea)

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carl hultgren: tomorrow

A change of scenery can change a person. It reshapes their mind, shifts emotions, and brings forth new modes of creation. A new house did just that for Carl Hultgren. Tomorrow was started in 2011, shortly after moving to a new neighborhood and into an enchanting 1930s Art Deco inspired Tudor. Originally known as The Elmdale, its casement windows and recessed plaster cove ceilings combined to reshape Carl's thoughts and views. Surrounded by beautiful old trees and shimmering sunlight, Carl started working. Tomorrow's tracks are a manifestations of tranquility and joy, of an assuredness in forward motion. It is instantly apparent to any long time listener of Windy and Carl that these new tracks show a marked change from the 20 years of dense guitar drones and walls of sound the duo have released. Carl's first solo album is instead a lighter, more stripped down affair -- the tracks showcasing his new found humility and confidence. There are touchstones - in tracks like 'No Other' and 'As Sure As' the cascading guitars hint at LC era Durutti Column, in 'Spirits' you can hear a nod to early 4AD Dif Juz in all its reverb and atmosphere, while 'In This Land' has a Gene Clark psychedelic country twang. Tomorrow is not all about a love for guitars - 'Hidden' brings together glimpses of Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project with the industrial percussion of Einsturzende Neubauten's Perpetuum Mobile. A change of scenery has meant the freedom to explore new lands and be completely comfortable in them. Keyboards and found sounds sit very contentedly next to airy guitar compositions." on orange and black vinyl. Housed in a gatefold sleeve. Includes a download code for six bonus tracks.

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