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caustic window-compilation cd (rephlex)

Price: $19.99


caustic window: compilation

finally repressed! Caustic Window is Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin/AFX/Diceman/Gak/Polygon Window/Q-Chastic/Soit-PP/Blue Calx/Rich of Mike And Rich/etc... This release collects ALL of the audio from his classic Joyrex J4/J5/J9i/J9ii releases (originally issued in the early-mid '90s on a head-scratching array of picture disc singles and limited vinyl) onto a neat (albeit far less graphically appealing) CD compendium, a welcome surprise after seeing the demand for original vinyl increase near-exponentially, as of late. A varied mix of Richard's trademark AFX melancholy and hardcore acid maelstrom. "The Caustic Window EPs were the first to appear on Rephlex and instantly set the standards for everyone else to follow.

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