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certain creatures-pleasure principle 12 (transfusions)

Price: $15.99


certain creatures: pleasure principle

Medical Records presents the third release in our Transfusions 12” singles series. CERTAIN CREATURES (born OLIVER CHAPOY) currently resides in Brooklyn NY and has a career dating back to the early '90s. Rooted in the Miami hardcore scene, Oliver’s music evolved into post-rock and even electronic pop (Warm Ghost). He began exploring electronics as Certain Creatures in 2013 with a 12” release on Styles Upon Styles with guest vocals from Stuart Argabright, which led him to produce the 2014 Black Rain comeback on Blackest Ever Black. In 2015, Oliver created a lush and enthralling LP Vipassana, also released on SUS. For this particular release on Transfusions, Oliver transcended the conventional borders of his prior releases by recording live takes with minimal editing to envisage a dirty, raw, haze-filled warehouse aesthetic. Mission accomplished! The 12” contains 5 tracks total of uncompromising techno, which we are ecstatic to unleash on the world. Presented on classic 160-gram black vinyl in Transfusions 12” sleeve. Crucial material for fans of Surgeon and Regis, as well as labels such as Downwards, Mote-Evolver and the like.

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