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cesar merveille-maayancholy 12 (cadenza)

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Cadenza welcomes Cesar Merveille for his debut solo release on the label. Maayancholy is a beautiful and heart-wrenching record, showcasing the French producer's delicate musical palette. Guti composed the piano elements on "Maayancholy" with simplistic, singular key arrangements and piercing chord sequences. Luciano picks up the remix duty with a 16-minute interpretation. As condensed cymbals and piano chords are electronically warped, urgency prevails and groove sets in, securing Luciano's twisted version as the perfect companion for the simplistic original.

Track Listing: Side A 01. Maayancholy (feat. Guti) 01:29 listen Side B 02. Maayancholy (feat. Guti) (Luciano Remix)

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