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cfcf-on vacation lp (international feel)

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cfcf: on vacation

CFCF is Montréal native Michael Silver, a man with a gift for a melody who has been making music since he was 12 years old. He continues to deliver timeless music -- which Pitchfork has described as "a strong case for how much unexpected magic can be found in the ordinary" -- with his debut release for International Feel, On Vacation. The second in International Feel's mini-album series, On Vacation is an album inspired by places and spaces -- some imaginary, some real. Silver's keen sense for melody allows him to switch genres throughout this release, though he remains in organic, analog territory. "It's really gentle and lowkey and I hope that people will not take it too seriously," explains Silver. "It's a kind of jazzy affair." Mystical opener "Sate Padang" sets the scene with a mixture of digital and organic sounds perfectly held together by tight melodies and lush sounds. "Arto" is an homage to one of the great Japanese composers, Seigen Ono. Acoustic guitar and piano play harmoniously alongside a conga beat and a sumptuous accordion. Ambient piece "In the Courtyard" precedes "Pleasure Centre," which showcases Silver's love for the underappreciated side of the '80s synth sound. The B-side opens with the stunning "Chasing," on which acoustic instrumentation swoops in for a beautiful run through a flowing melody. "Fleur Laisses dans un Taxi" is a nod to Paris in the spring, while "Lighthouse on Chatham Sound" evokes a late afternoon by the sea before the contemplative closer, "Vermont." On Vacation finds Silver in full stride, open to music and melody and not hindered by genre, time, or space.

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