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chain reaction-dance freak 12 (queen constance)

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chain reaction: dance freak

A bonafide dancefloor invitation, this classic cut by Chain Reaction was originally released in 1980 on the P&P affiliate label, Sound Of New York. A project between keyboardist Dwight Brewster (of The Imperials) and percussionist Harold Sargent (of Wood, Brass & Steel fame) Dance Freak provides one finest moments in the entire catalog. A funky disco track with all the elements of a party anthem, it's no surprise it's been a favorite of veteran Deejays like Kenny Dope and Danny Krivit. There are many reasons why this track is a must-have for disco DJs. Outstanding percussions; check. Funky guitar & bass lines; check. Catchy chorus; check. Brass accents; very welcomed. Using a synth as a percussive instrument; incredible and most likely lifted from the Patrick Adams Handbook 'How To Make A Hit Record'. There really isn't much more we can say here. We 'just wanna dance with you...'

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