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charles cohen-the middle distance lp (morphine)

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charles cohen: the middle distance

Morphosis' Morphine Records boldly steps into the archives of one of Philadelphia's best-kept underground secrets: synth composer, Charles Cohen. This excellent release beholds seven key tracks (recorded between 1979-1988) that go into uncharted polyrhythmic/ambient/cosmic territory. The label says "First chapter in the trilogy of Charles Cohen retrospective works, featuring some of his early works from the Philadelphia's 'No Man's Land' art installment, the 'University Of Texas in El Paso,' and 'The Painted Bride' art center performances. This release also features the track 'Dance of the Spiritcatchers,' which previously appeared on the Music from No Man's Land EP by Ghostwriters, a split record with Jeff Cain, originally issued in 1980 on Zero Records."

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