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charles fenckler-diving from the void cd (soma)

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charles fenckler: diving from the void

Soma present the debut album from one of the most exiting techno artists to spring out of the French scene in recent years, Charles Fenckler. A chance happening across Fenckler's Soundcloud heralded some fine results for the Soma camp back in 2014. The 20 year old exploded onto the label with the finely produced Anklam in that same year. Sporting such a mature sound for someone so young, his profile has been creeping up since the release of Anklam, quickly gaining fans throughout the techno community such as Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettmann, Josh Wink and Alan Fitzpatrick. Frozen Room (2015) saw him return to form after a short hiatus with the title track taking the scene by storm. With his debut album, Diving From The Void, Fenckler looks to continue his meteoric rise through electronic music.

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