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chevel-one month off ep (stroboscopic artefacts)

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chevel: one month off

The third release for Stroboscopic Artefacts in 2014 is from Italian producer Chevel. One Month Off is an EP built around the abstract themes of construction, starting with demolition and ending on perspective. The title-track combines a warm thump with skittering percussion and ragged cymbals build pressure. On "The Wall" there is little linear impetus, with a panoply of syncopated beats and foreign noises from the undergrowth. "Cave Dwellings" is a more organic construct, building from the traditional basics of a kick-drum and hi-hat. "Marker Shop" unites disparate urges and glorious moods, and "Viewpoint" provides a warmer perspective -- an uncompromising marriage of nature and noise.

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