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chevel-tank/beauviane 12 (mistry)

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chevel: tank/beaviane

The third and perhaps strongest release on Beneath's label Mistry canters to the dancefloor with two deft, blocky riddims by Enklav. founder Chevel. Working within a framework of percolating bleeps and splintered percussion greased with oily Reese and 808 bass, the Italian producer unfurls two lean, mean productions every bit as shark-eyed and skunked-out as his remix on Webstarr's Aegrus/Clocked. On the A-side, the icy countenance of "Tank" is primed at a 115-bpm swagger. The B-side, "Beaviane," yokes Tessela-style drums to a cooler hustle before dropping an infectious twist. For fans of Hodge, Swing Ting, Alex Coulton.

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