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chicaloyoh-folie sacree lp (shelter press)

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chicaloyoh: folie sacree

Folie Sacrée is the debut full-length record by Chicaloyoh, musical incarnation of Normandy resident Alice Dourlen. Creating music between soundscape exploration and intimate contemplation, Chicaloyoh is a mix of guitar, keyboards and percussion from distant and various horizons. The album has been recorded deep in the wood in the artist's very own Chaudelande studio during the spring of 2013. Attracting those who like the priestess singing of Grouper or French legend Catherine Ribiero, Folie Sacrée is a beautiful exploration in ambience and darkness recalling the mysticism of Popol Vuh and the late-night incantations of Nico. Singing with an almost pastoral verve, Chicaloyoh's minimalist and intimate soundscapes combined with her simultaneously tender and strong voice are the foundation for her avant-garde mantras. Mastered by James Plotkin and pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, Folie Sacrée stands as a stunning document of the celestial awakened nightmare from one of today's most exciting French musicians. Edition of 500 copies.

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