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chris tietjen-acht cd (cocoon)

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chris tietjen: acht

Cocoon presents the eighth edition of the Cocoon in-house mix CD series. Just as with its predecessors, Chris Tietjen was responsible for selecting and mixing the tracks, being deeply ingrained in Cocoon since his teenage days. And even more than with its predecessors, Tietjen manages to draw a big line and to reconcile the sometimes very heterogeneous Cocoon Recordings releases. The great gap that techno fans might see between tracks by Stefanik, Ambivalent, and Secret Cinema is skillfully bridged in the mix by Tietjen's combination of tracks, and is even beneficial for the flow of the mix. This diversion is typical for Cocoon: a lot of variety within the set, using only musical material from one single label, without ever losing the tension. Of course, Stefanik's contributions and the tracks by Mark Broom or Maetrik stand out a little bit, but this is also a sign of a good mix: to find the right proportion between a fluent passage and similar styles on the hand and variety on the other. To stay in the flow but never become monotonous. That's why the eighth edition of this in-house mix CD series is fully dedicated to the label's philosophy and to all the Cocoon DJs' philosophy who defy all these "Style-DJs" and their loop techno and Ableton monotony, but rather bring in their sets great variety and a wide range of music. These sets all have a special stamp and bear the hallmarks of their DJs, but they still manage -- just as the other Cocoon mix CDs -- to bring different styles together and this is probably why they appear so timeless... when you listen to them again, many years later. Other artists include: Sawlin, Ilario Alicante & Todd Bodine, André Galluzzi & Dana Ruh, Christian Burkhardt, Sian, Secret Cinema & Peter Horrevorts, Ambivalent, Doomwork, Markus Fix, and Ricardo Villalobos.

Chris Tietjen - Acht (CORMIX043)

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